Smart Variations Images PRO the perfect WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Plugin

Don’t limit yourself to adding images only to the created variations combinations!

SVI PRO is the only plugin that lets you take control
of what images to show when it matters!

With single or complex variations combinations

Add Additional Variation Images

Add multiple images to your product variations in bulk. Adding custom images to variations just became breeze! Focus on whats important, selling! SVI has is own built in variations gallery that allows you to quickly build the matches you need.

Swap Images according to variation

Allow your customers to easily view all the product images corresponding to choosen variation, make your customers feel confident about the product they are buying.

Show what matters to customers!

Show your customers exactly what they want to see, use WooCommerce native ligthbox gallery to make your customers fall even further in love with your products.Incompatible with other ligthboxes

Advanced Slider for Images

Showcase your product images beautifully, and how you want, with a vertical or horizontal thumbnail slider. Allow your customers to easily navigate all of your product images with a swiping touch.

Vertical & Horizontal Thumbnails images

Choose the best view to fit your template, either vertical or horizontal, left sided or rigth sided in slider mode or not. You have the control. Need your WooCommerce store to cater for mobile users? SVI PRO is fully responsive and touch enabled with a swipe of a finger.

Enhance products with Magnifier Lens

Give your customers the best experience to see your products in-person. Allow them to get up-close and personal, fully appreciate the quality of your product, at least until they get their hands on it! This Lens offers a variety of options, just have to explore the possibilities.

Compatible with Premium themes

SVI PRO uses hooks that are put in place by WooCommerce to ensure that the images are displayed. Most well-developed WooCommerce themes will maintain these hooks, SVI PRO will most likely work without any additional configuration. If you do face any issues, just let me know and I can fix it quite easily.

Compatible with Flatsome*, Shopkeeper, DIVI, AURUM, Storefront, Basel, BeTheme, GoodDay, Polaris, Salient, Savoy, ThemeCO X and many many others…

Plugin Powered with ReduxFramework

SVI PRO has an amazing admin panel thanks to reduxFramework. On this panel you will have the ability to have full control over the options of the plugin. Redux is a powerful, easy to use and fully supported options framework for WordPress projects. It will work well on themes and plugins!


  • Main Image/thumbnails swap on choose variation
  • Multiple Images for Variation
  • Multiple Images Upload for Variation (Bulk)
  • Allow same image to be shared across different products with different variations
  • Show Variation as Cart Image
  • Ligthbox
  • Advanced Slider (Navigation Arrows & Color + Thumbnail Positions) – Fully Responsive
  • Advanced Magnifier Lens (Lens Style & Size + Lens Border Color + Zoom Type & Effects)
  • Extra Thumbnail Options (Disabled Thumbnails + Select Swap + Thumbnail Click Swap + Keep Thumbnails Visible)
  • Extra Layout Fixes (Add Custom CSS Classes + Remove Image Class)
  • WPML Compatible
  • Responsive

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Currently one of the best multiple variation images plugin on the market!

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I try to answer each request for help within the same day I receive them (except for weekends). Most of the time I manage to do so in just a few hours after I received a ticket.

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As senior developer I spend time every day handling and managing all type of programing requests, offering all of my customers years of experience in the field.

Regularly update product

As senior developer I spend time every day handling and managing all type of programing requests, offering all of my customers years of experience in the field.

90% of themes compatible

I regularly test SVI PRO with the others themes. And if the case shows up that there is some incompatibility I’m here to offer support on how to fix it.

High quality support

I always keep in mind that what motivates me to keep doing my best are my costumers and their satisfaction.

Constant improvement

I’m constantly improving the plugin by fixing any bug my customers find and add new features, most of which suggested by customers.

Surprise your customers and boost your sales with SVI PRO, the most easy and versatile product image plugin for WooCommerce. Get your customers engaged with your site, make your products shine.


  • SVI works exclusively on the Product Single Page and nowhere else (ex: Archive pages, QuickView, Shop Loop, etc…).
  • SVI replaces your default theme settings/options for the image & thumbnails area so don’t expect to use any of your theme features for this area.
  • SVI doesn’t support/work with Bitnami WordPress installs.
  • Not compatible with custom product pages built with Builders (ex: Visual Composer, UX, Builder, Unyson, etc.), these Builders completely take over the design and hooks of the pages running them, so if a builder is applied to a product page SVI will not be accessible.
  • SVI has no special integration/support/work with external import systems or API integrations.
  • SVI doesn’t  make use the images set on variations tab for any action.
  • SVI doesn’t offer support for third party plugins.
  • SVI PRO has a strict no refund policy.

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